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Green Living in Chattanooga

Sustainable, Earth-friendly, green—how many times have you heard these and other similar terms? The argument concerning global warming seems endless and has become an extremely politicized, well, argument. Well, actions speak louder than words, and Chattanooga’s commitment to making eco living a reality is proof of just that.

It was back in 2005 that the City of Chattanooga made the bold decision of placing their entire fleet of diesel-operated vehicles on a biodiesel blend...


Eco Friendly Strategies

Nestled in a bend of the Tennessee River and surrounded by mountains and lakes, Chattanooga is so beautiful it has inspired a community quest to make it the best mid-sized city in America.

Living in Chattanooga means that witnessing spectacular views and experiencing personal adventures is a natural part of everyday life.Over the last four decades, we’ve been winning acclaim for our unique way of working together to produce national best practices for cleaning up air pollution, downtown revitalization, affordable housing, and much more.

When people buy or sell a home, they have expectations. They expect a process that will go smoothly with little or no headaches. It’s simply in our nature to seek happiness and buying or selling real estate is no exception. Of course, life isn’t always trouble-free. Then again, if we choose to, we can view life’s diverse challenges as driving forces that strengthen our relationships on a personal and professional level.

Sandy Battles and her team of real estate professionals strive to develop such relationships with their clients, which is one of the reasons why they’ve produced such a great track record of successful real estate transactions and made lots of friends along the way. The other reason is, of course, their expertise of the inner workings of real estate transactions and dynamics of the unique Chattanooga properties market. You will be guided, every step of the way, by a team of people who absolutely love what they do and who undoubtedly take great pride in serving their community.

If you find yourself ready to buy or sell a Chattanooga home, the Sandy Battles real estate team would love to talk to you. They are a team of highly-skilled real estate experts who understand something very important—that ultimately, real estate isn’t about buying and selling a home, it’s about the people and the relationships that go beyond the formalities and make the experience of buying and selling a home something wonderful you can always look back at and smile.